Concept Art


created across 16 weeks, 22 hours animating, 5 hours editing.

created across 7 weeks concurrently with another project, 10 hours animating, 2 hours editing.

About Me

I am a concept artist with a focus on character-driven artwork. I graduated from the
University of Central Florida with a BFA in Emerging Media: Experimental Animation track in May of 2023.
Aside from illustrating, I like writing my own original stories, and taking care of my plants. I take inspiration from the fantasy of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the Spyro series, and design inspiration from media like Spider-man, Disco Elysium, and Hades.
I enjoy work where characters and creatures are explored to their fullest, in that they express their personalities, the world they've settled in, and how they operate daily through every way that they look. I want each choice of my own work to tell the stories of the characters within them, spelling out their narratives with how they choose to interact with the other characters within it. I choose to share the small relationship-building moments between fantastical characters, that make them feel relatable and grounded into their story.